My Digital Presence

We are well into 2017, but I have been thinking for a long time about my digital footprint. For far too long I have been in a position where I have provided advice to others; friends and colleagues, but often not practiced that for myself. In creating this digital presence, I have tried to take a first step in that direction. 


I am reaching a moment in my life and career where I am driven and motivated by a multitude of different things to when I started. Having been a life-long high academic achiever, since entering the world of work I have realised that I far exceeded the academic threshold needed to be competitive in the jobs market. However, I was deficient in areas that were in high-demand; creativity, collaborative potential, effective communication to name but a few. These are just a few of the skills that will continually be needed to maintain relevance in the world of work. I don't attribute the deficiency to the system of education that I went through, but more to the lack of available materials to make myself more aware of the range of opportunities available to me. Furthermore, work and life are part of the same zero-sum game; and thus having a purpose to anchor your work really does provide you with an additional reserve of fuel to deliver to the best of your ability.

The economic environment around us all has fundamentally changed. Recent events around the world have further highlighted the challenges and opportunities associated with automation, globally competitive labour markets and the gig economy. I think that these are opportunities to be embraced, and provide individuals with significant scope to demonstrate existing and new skills in multi-variant ways. The mere emergence of these ways in which skills can be developed and evidenced inspires me to better upgrade my own understanding of what's required to remain relevant. Providing live evidence that one has such skills, thoughts, and personality traits that signal uniquely identifiable societal tags has become increasingly important. They very much add to one's employability profile, and provide multi-faceted reference points of interest. 


The most basic verbs are now the most powerful. The concepts of "building", "making", "doing" have never been more demonstrative and symbolic than they are now. In a continuum of activity from idea inception to delivery to customers, I have experience in everything that falls between. However, I'd like to obtain more experiences at the extreme ends of that continuum; building teams, strategies, products and services and working all the way through to delivery. I'd like to achieve that through my current position, and supplementing that with further learning and development that can manifest itself through advisory work, writing / thought leadership and other side projects. In combination, I see all of these experiences working in deep harmony with each other to create a virtuous circle of learning, development, delivery and impact. 


For this year, I aim to focus on five main things that will add value to my personal and professional enrichment, outside of my core work:

  1. Travelling to Tier 2 locations (second and third cities) globally

  2. Obtaining new and varied food experiences

  3. Developing side projects and advisory work

  4. Writing significantly more on subjects of interest

  5. (Re-)Learning a language for personal and professional use